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Scheepjes MAL 2022 - Triptych Mandala Make A Long

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Scheepjes welcomes summer with a mandala creation, where participants can practice several fun crochet stitches while playing with any combination of 113 options Scheepjes Catona's 113 color options to their liking!

🏵 When: Wednesday August 3 to Wednesday August 17, 2022

🏵 Where: This MAL will be hosted in the official Scheepjes International Facebook and Dutch Facebook groups.

🏵 Support: You can access the expertise of the designer and the ongoing support of moderators and administrators within the groups. But it wouldn't be all-in-one BAD without the weekly video tutorials!

🏵 Pattern: The FREE pattern will be posted weekly on the "It's all in a Nutshell" blog:

Note: Entrants wishing to show their appreciation for the designer can choose to purchase the full PDF pattern via Ravelry (approximately £2.50/€3/USD3.20*) in English (UK and US terminology) and Dutch. *Prices are subject to change based on local currency and taxes.

Don't forget to add the mandala rings to your order. They are sold separetely! Coming soon.

◾Read all about Scheepje's new Triptych Mandala Make A Long (MAL) on their website:

Choose your colors from the following three colors - There are three suggested colourways. One ball of each shade is required to complete set of 3 mandalas

Colourway #1 - Forest Fern

Scheepjes Catona (100% mercerized cotton; 50g/125m) - Makes all 3 mandalas

Yarn A : 264 Light Coral x 1 ball
Yarn B : 192 Scarlet x 1 ball
Yarn C 383 Ginger Gold x 1 ball
Yarn D 412 Forest Green x 1 ball
Yarn E 263 Petal Peach x 1 ball
Yarn F 254 Moon Rock x 1 ball

Colourway #2 - Rainbow Bright

Scheepjes Catona (100% mercerized cotton; 50g/125m) - Makes all 3 mandalas

Yarn A : 208 Yellow Gold x 1 ball
Yarn B : 146 Vivid Blue x 1 ball
Yarn C : 189 Royal Orange x 1 ball
Yarn D : 115 Hot Red x 1 ball
Yarn E : 113 Delphinium x 1 ball
Yarn F : 389 Apple Green x 1 ball

Colourway #3 - Blue Moon

Scheepjes Catona (100% mercerized cotton; 50g/125m) - Makes all 3 mandalas

Yarn A : 173 Bluebell x 1 ball
Yarn B : 396 Rose Wine x 1 ball
Yarn C : 247 Bluebird x 1 ball
Yarn D : 164 Light Navy x 1 ball
Yarn E : 074 Mercury x 1 ball
Yarn F : 408 Old Rose x 1 ball



Each MAL week starts on a Wednesday, when the MAL designer publishesa blogpost (described below) to their personal blog at 12h00 PM CEST (6h00 AM Montreal timel).

MAL Week 1     3 August 2022     Part 1 of FREE pattern for small mandala. Video tutorial
MAL Week 2   10 August 2022     Part 2 of FREE pattern for small mandala. Video tutorial
MAL Week 3   17 August 2022     Part 3 of FREE pattern for small mandala. Video tutorial

About the designer

Esther Dijkstra is a Dutch designer who is passionate about crochet and generous in sharing her extensive knowledge of the craft. She is known for her brilliant step-by-step tutorials that have hooked a wealth of international followers. The Triptych Mandala MAL is the sequel to her popular Trinity Mandala MAL that ran in 2019. Esther has experience encouraging thousands of crafters, as the creator of well-loved designs such as the Nuts About Squares CAL and the C2C Temperature Blanket MAL.

Tips for choosing your own colors

Esther said that she has made these mandalas in 3 color combinations, but there are more than 100 colors in the Scheepjes Catona range. This means there are many colorways that you can make these mandalas in. I have a few tips for you when choosing which colors to use.

First choose the main color you want your mandala to be, this is Color D in the pattern. For example, in the Forest Fern colorway this is a green color. This color will be used for all the outer edges of the mandala, hence it’s the color that is most visible.

Next choose a neutral shade that matches your first color, this is Color E in the pattern and is used to attach the mandalas to the rings. Good colors to use here are shades of whites and light grey.

Now choose two accent colors, these are Colors B and C in the mandala. These colors are used to make the flower petals in the center, and they should complement color D.

Lastly, choose two colors to match all the colors what you already have. These are Colors A and F in the pattern. Usually lighter or darker shades of what you have already selected works well. If you want to make all three mandalas in only one color, you will need 4 balls of Scheepjes Catona 50g.

You can go to Scheepjes Catona product page and order your own Colourway.

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