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Who am I

Hello, my name is Nathalie Daigle and I welcome you to our Scheepjes wool shop.

People often ask me who I am and where the Passionlaine boutique comes from. So, I decided to tell you a bit about me and what led me to open this wool shop.

From the age of 12, I was introduced to needlework, but mainly crochet. Over the years, I improved my technique and tried several types of wool. Here in Canada, but in my case in Quebec, it is more difficult to obtain quality wool.

For a few years, I have added amigurumis to my projects. It was very difficult to have a good quality wool, 100% cotton, and a large choice of colors in order to obtain a good result. When I was told about the Scheepjes brand, I took steps to find this wool locally. It was very difficult to get one, but after trying it, I couldn't live without it. So, I decided, supported by my spouse and my daughter, to whom I also passed on this passion, to take the steps to be able to offer the Scheepjes Catonahere in Quebec. After a few months of formalities and setting up our online store, we officially opened the store in June 2021. We only offered the Scheepjes Catona at the beginning.

As the weeks and months passed, customers contacted us to see if we could obtain other products from this brand. It is therefore at your request and to meet the needs of our customers that we have introduced several other products of this brand. A year later, I am very proud to offer you 31 Scheepjes products (wool and yarn) including MetropolisWhirl and Stone Washed, not to mention patterns that can be made with our products. We've also added accessories to the store, including Tulip crochet hooks and Chiaogoo knitting needles.

Our main objective is to offer you quality products that meet your needs. It is a pleasure to be able to discuss with you and to accompany you in the selection of the products necessary for your projects.

I wish you welcome on our site and a lot of pleasure in your creative projects.

Picture of Nathalie Daigle, owner of the Passionlaine shop

Nathalie Daigle