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Gabrielle Tremblay - Ballerina Doll Snow Queen

Posted by Nathalie Daigle on

Thanks to Gabrielle Tremblay, one of our clients, who agreed to share a new achievement (with the Catona).

  • This pretty doll was made from the paid pattern (Crochetree) made by Ticiana Larocca et Adriana Dull.
  • She used Scheepjes Catona 100% mercerized cotton yarn in colors 101 (Candellight), 510 (Sky Blue), 146 (Vivid Blue), 263 (Petal Peach), 106 (Snow White) and 130 (Old Lace).
  • The hook used is a 2.5mm.
  • She also used two medium-sized blue buttons and four small white beads.
  • For the eyes, mouth, and nose, she used embroidery floss (white, black, tan, two different multicolored floss with shades of blue, pink, or red for the mouth).
  • The following materials were also used: A small piece of tactile fastener (Velcro), cardboard or plastic for soles, marker or piece of yarn of a different color, fiber for stuffing, tapestry needle, sewing needle, pins , scissors, coated metal wire for the arms, craft stick for the neck, coated wire also for the legs and the body (optional).

She will certainly make the happiness of a little girl.


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