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Focus on our customers

Posted by Nathalie Daigle on

A month and a half ago, we had the crazy idea of starting our online store for yarn and wool from the Scheepjes brand. Setting up this boutique was one thing, but without our customers who are passionate about knitting, crochet or even both, it would be difficult to make it happen.

We therefore wish through this blog to put you, YOU dear customers, forward to highlight your wonderful achievements made with the Scheepjes brand.

You are therefore invited to send us the following information by email:


  • If you used a pattern, send us the name of it.
  • The type of yarn or wool used in the Scheepjes brand.
  • Colors used (if possible).
  • The approximate time to complete the project.
  • A short introductory text about yourself (your name, type of projects you do, crochet, knitting or both, how long you've been doing this activity).
  • If you want the public viewing of the blog to be able to contact you directly, you can send us the means to do so (Facebook, email, etc.).
  • One or two pictures of you completed project.

We look forward to highlighting your projects.






Au plaisir de mettre en lumière vos projets.


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