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Tanya Chenette - Baby object

Posted by Nathalie Daigle on

Thanks to Tanya Chenette one of our customers who agreed to share one of her achievements (with the Scheepjes Catona) and her little story.

Here is his little story:

My name is Tanya Chenette and I have been crocheting for 3 years now. I started making blankets mainly after the arrival of my sister-in-law's little boy. I wanted to offer a unique and personalized gift. I remembered the time when I saw my mother knitting when I was young and, although she tried to teach me how to knit several times, it was never a success. Then, while chatting with my grandmother, she told me about crochet, which might be easier for me to learn. She came with me to buy my first ball of yarn and my very first hook, and that's where it all started. After several completed blankets, hats, and scarves, I finally felt ready to take the plunge and enter the world of amigurumis. Having myself a 1-year-old little boy now, I mainly make items for children. And it really became my passion! Seeing the smile of my loved ones to whom I offer these handmade stuffed animals is the most beautiful gift!

A beautiful project that has certainly made the happiness of her little boy. Nice work Mrs. Chenette.

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