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Gabrielle Tremblay - Fairy Freya Doll

Posted by Nathalie Daigle on

Thanks to Gabrielle Tremblay, one of our clients, who agreed to share one of her achievements (with the Scheepjes Catona).

  • The Fairy Freya doll was made using the pattern (paid)  Fairy Freya Doll Pattern de Crochetree - Designer Ticiana Larocca
  • She used Scheepjes Catona 100% cotton yarn in colors 263 (Petal Peach), 520 (Lavender), 172 (Light Silver), 282 (Ultra Violet), 522 (Primrose) and 205 (Kiwi), 246 (Icy Pink) ), 106 (Snow White) and 113 (Delphium).

Here is her little story:

My name is Gabrielle Tremblay. My mother was very good at crocheting, and she made a complete christening set for my son who was born in February 1985: dress, hat, slippers, blanket, with such beautiful and soft yarn and silk ribbon. So, when I saw this, I set out to try and learn for myself!

I did a little crochet here and there with basic stitches trying to learn how to make scarves or slippers that I never finished, until the day I retired in 2017. started crocheting lace tabletops with 10 threads and 1.5 to 2.5 small crochet hooks and I liked it so much that I followed videos in Russian or even Chinese that do amazing things on YouTube. I didn't understand the language, but I watched what they did and learned on my own! I am a self-taught person and I learn very quickly everything I do!

Well, I'm here now and I tried to make this first doll that I still did well!

What a beautiful project! Many hours of work. It will certainly make the happiness of a little girl.

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