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Marie-Claude Méthot - A little jellyfish

Posted by Nathalie Daigle on

Thanks to Marie-Claude Méthot, one of our clients, who agreed to share one of her creations (with the Scheepjes Catona).

  • The little jellyfish was made from a personal pattern of Mrs. Méthot.
  • She used Scheepjes Catona 100% cotton yarn in the colors 391 (Deep Ocean), 261 (Capri Blue), 505 (Linen), 249 (Saffron).

Her little story:

The little jellyfish created to give a gift to a little baby who will arrive shortly. I have my little company for 2 years, nothing extraordinary, but I have a lot of fun and it allows me to clear my head after my hard days of work. In addition, my spouse was starting to find that my creations were piling up in the house. He was the one who offered to sell them to me. I rarely do special orders, but this one, with these colors, I couldn't help but meet the needs of this loyal customer. I'm in love with the result.

A wonderful project and a great story.

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