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My passion for amigurumis

Posted by Nathalie Daigle on

Since I started making amigurumis I spend a lot of time determining the colors of the project I want to make from a pattern (whether it's free or paid) but also what brand I'm going to be able to replace the one mentioned in the patterns. Being in Quebec, we do not have easy access to several brands of wool used in them.

This is also one of the reasons why we decided to open an online store. The objective was to help enthusiasts of this art to have access to a large choice of colors, but also to a quality thread. The pandemic prevents us for the moment from having all the colors of the Scheepjes Catona.

Since the opening of the store, I have been contacted to obtain help for the choice of colors in connection with a specific project. What a pleasure to be able to help you. 

One of the objectives of this blog is to share with you the colors used for one of my latest projects and give you the information to obtain the pattern, the size of the hook used and the quantity of thread (for informational purposes only. The tension of each being different, the information could therefore vary). I will never share a boss. I sincerely believe that we must respect the work of these wonderful designers who offer us such beautiful projects. However, you will have all the information to get it (whether free or paid).

Thank you for following us and encouraging us in this great adventure.

Happy reading and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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  • J’ai fait beaucoup d’amigurumi que j’ai remis au Chevalier de Colomb pour inclure dans les paniers de Noël de ma ville, j’ai vraiment utilisé ce que j’avais sous la main et les résultats ont toujours été heureux.
    Pour la Catona je l’ai utilisée pour me faire un sac mochila… qui est magnifique!
    Alors bonne continuité à vous !

    Lise Thibault on

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